TSBF - Team

This is the team reponsible for the Thames Sailing Barge Parade.

The same team oversee all aspects of the Thames Sailing Barge Foundation.

  • Jane Harman - Head Organiser (Email Jane)
    Jane runs all aspects of the event and can be reached on 07803230258.
    Jane is also part owner of Sailing Barge Edme.
    Edme's website is http://edmebarge.com

  • Gary Diddhams - Parade Master (Email Gary)
    Gary takes on the responsibility of liaising with the PLA and getting the necessary plans passed so the TSBP event can go ahead. He also leads the parade for the event
    Gary is also the skipper of Sailing Barge Gladys.

  • Jonathan Fleming - TSBF & TSBP Founder (Email Jonathan)
    Jonathan is the founder of the Thames Sailing Barge Parade event and TSBF.