About TSBF

Thames Sailing Barge Foundation was established in July 2015 to address the decline of Thames Sailing Barges due to high maintenance costs and little funding.

The idea of the organisation was to bring it community together which started to happen at the second event in 2017.

Mission of TSBF

TSBF's mission is to regenerate a sustainable community for Thames Sailing Barges where that community can provide the needed labour and skills to maintain, restore and preserve the life of these historic vessels.

It is the will of the organisation to bring about public awareness of the history and importance played in British heritage and for such knowledge to remain at the attention of public knowledge.

To achieve these aims, TSBF campaign by putting on a Parade of Barges event in the heart of London, though not restricted to this location, along with a Popup Museum for the public to make their attendance to enjoy a day out amongst a great education.

Get Involved

If you want to learn more about Thames Sailing Barges, here are some ways to get involved.
The listed organisations would be able to put you in touch with just about every aspect of Thames Sailing Barges and the community.

  • Sailing Barge Association
    This association is able to put you in touch with just about everyone who owns a barge.

  • Barge Trust (TSBT)
    The TSBT is a registered charity that exists to preserve two Thames barges in sailing condition for the benefit of the public and to pass on the skills required to sail them.

  • Association of Bargemen
    Founded in 1981 the Association is open to all who have an interest in Thames sailing barges. The current membership is over 100 members who are all barge skippers and mates, owners, and enthusiasts for these craft.

  • The Society for Sailing Barge Research
    Founded in 1963 as the Society for Spritsail Barge Research by a band of of enthusiasts concerned that the rapid decline and possible extinction of these splendid and historically significant craft would pass largely unrecorded.

More About TSBP Event

To learn more about the parade event itself, please go to the TSBP website.
This link will tell you more about the event and will open the site in a new tab or window: How the Event Got Started

TSBP 2017

Leaving the Upper Pool ending the 2017 parade event.
Picture by: Charity Needs Foundation