Hello and welcome,

TSBF stands for Thames Sailing Barge Foundation and was setup to establish greater public awareness for the Thames Sailing Barges and its Community whose aim it is to become officially recognised as a part of British Heritage.

One of its objectives for achieving this is through a parade that has been established, along the river Thames as a fundraising event. This happened with initial help from, Totally Thames Festival, and support from TSBF’s first ever sponsor, The Shipowners’ Club.

Along with Her Majesty The Queen’s pageant master, Adrian Evans, who organised The Queen's Jubilee Pageant 2012, TSBF saw this event happen on 17th September 2016 in the City of London on the river Thames called the Thames Sailing Barge Parade.

On this historic occasion a small number of remaining active Thames Sailing Barges, out of the 2250 built, paraded from the heart of the financial district, Canary Wharf, into the Pool of London, through a raised Tower Bridge (like a guard of honour), into the Upper Pool where they stemmed a strong ebb tide for 30-40 minutes before being turned to set sail for West India Dock.

There, they became a Popup Museum where they received their public, whom had full access to all the partaking barges and was able to meet, mingle, wine and dine at the shoreside hospitality area with barge owners, crew members, sponsors and donators, for other fascinating side events that included motorized, to-scale, models of the barges.

TSBF was formed as a non-profit in the same year, established for the purpose of publicising, profiling, educating, restoring and maintaining for the public benefit, Thames Sailing Barges and its community, as part of British Heritage. Through the high volume of  visual, audio and printed media, coverage of the event, it had a good public debut and was dubbed: The Hit Parade.  

This event is now to become a feature in the THames Sailing Barge calendar and it to be used to make it easier for future funding and donations to be achieved as well as to get that heritage status so rightly deserved of these Industrial Revolution juggernauts that helped to build Victorian London. These are part of TSBF’s charitable aims.

To achieve this, our parade itself needs funding and whilst we are only introducing ourselves to you we hope that you will come along and be a part of our event, whether as a sponsor, donor or generally interested member of the public. Making a donation is easy, just follow the link to our Paypal donation form for Thames Sailing Barge Parade or find out more about why you should donate.

Jonathan Fleming

Trustee and Founder of Thames Sailing Barge Parade